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RYNT Capital Partners is an independent Oklahoma based, internally managed, net-lease real estate investment boutique. We focus our efforts on the acquisition, investment and management of single tenant properties. We have a conservative and disciplined approach focused on delivering solid returns to our clients. Our name is a modern spelling that captures our modern approach to helping our tenants grow their business and our clients realize solid returns using ‘rent’.

Real estate ranks among the bottom of the asset classes due to its perceived simplicity but it takes in-depth analysis of markets and key metrics to maximize profits, navigate market disruptions and position the property for a successful divestiture. In general, real estate can be a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and potentially capture additional profits upon the sale of the property from appreciation over the holding period should it increase in value. Many people elect to use real estate as a primary strategy for building wealth.

The current market size is estimated to be $3 trillion in value with more than 1.9 million properties comprising the U.S. market.

Our goal is to bring value to our investors by offering a more efficient means to participate in the commercial real estate market than they could otherwise do on their own.

We focus exclusively on absolute net leases with solid credit tenants that have a strong track record of performance in their chosen operations. This disciplined approach affords us a solid return on the capital our clients trust us to deploy, manage and generate steady returns.

Relationships are paramount in all that we do and we are dedicated to building a reputation of execution, reliability with our colleagues and be known for returning capital and profits to our clients.

Our objective is to build a large client base that includes accredited investors, private families and eventually major pension funds. These relationships will be our greatest asset.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity – it’s the shield to greed
  • Relationships – built on trust with clear consistent communication
  • Results – accomplished through good work (smart + hard)

We will be consistent in our efforts and disciplined in our approach.
We perform an in depth analysis of 3 distinct payment sources.

  1. Unit level financials – primary
  2. Corporate credit – secondary
  3. Underlying real estate value – tertiary

We are strong negotiators that craft value creating win-win agreements that foster strong relationships for the long term. Whether you are a business owner looking to grow or an investor in search of solid returns, let us help you Reach Your Next Target with RYNT.

RYNT Capital Partners, LLC | RYNT.com | 918.317.7000 | Hello@RYNT.com